Things to do on a Day Trip

Are you looking to visit the Isle of Rum for a Day Trip? Then check out our list of the best things to do in one day:

  1. Sit back and watch the wildlife. Here on the Isle of Rum we have a spectacular aray of birds and wildlife that call our island home. Walk along the seashore around Loch Scresort and look out for seabirds, seals and otters. Look up to the hills and mountains and you might spot Golden eagles, White-tailed eagles, deer and sometimes even wild goats.
  2. Hit the Nature Trail. This circular walk takes roughly 1 hour. It takes you up and along the northside of Kinloch Glen, giving you views out into the reserve and a glimpse of the wildness of Rum.
  3. Hebridean Whale & Dolphin Trail. Head to the Otter hide, but make sure you bring your binoculars as you won't want to miss the chance of spotting a harbour porpoise, dolphin, seal, or otter. For more information, take a look at the Hebridean Whale trail website.
  4. Visit the Blackhouses. Starting from the ferry terminal, take the first trail you see and be amazed as you head into a woodland and discovered some of the islands early settlements.
  5. See the Rum Ponies. This rare and ancient breed of pony can be seen in the fields outside the castle or in the fields by the nature trail.
  6. Meet the friendly locals at Rum General Store for an ice cream or beverage. The Rum General Store is a small, well stocked shop and has a great range of ice creams and barista coffee. For further details please email the shop.
  7. Visit the local craft shop. Take a walk along the shore of Loch Scresort and you will come across a small but fantastic craft shop called Drift. Find local and handmade crafts with everything from knitted and crochet goods, to handmade soap and fudge.
  8. Explore our visitor center. Looking to learn more about the Isle of Rum? Then head to the visitor center where you will learn about the islands flora and fauna, and the local history.
  9. Geocache your way around the village. Are you a fan of treasurehunts? Then head to the geocache website, download the app and get hunting.
  10. Have a picnic. We have plenty of great picnic spots here on Rum. Come and find a spot and enjoy the view with a bite to eat. Forgotten a key picnic ingredient? Then check out the opening hour of the Rum General store here.
  11. Bring your own bike and cycle around the island. Head to Kilmory beach or Harris bay.
  12. Go for a hike. Hike up Coire Dubh and check out the amazing view or keep going and conquer Barkeval and see right across the island. Or set off along the Nature Reserves only road and head up to Salisburys Dam where in 1852 Viscount Cranbourne tried to dam Kilmory river.
  13. Explore the seashore. If the tides out, walk along the seashore and see what you can spot.
  14. Go wild swimming. Be 'shore' to bring a towel and take a dip in the calm and clear waters of Loch Scresort, or head to one of the islands rivers and take plunge there.
  15. Grab your fishing rod and go fishing. For more information on permits and fishing locations, head to our dedicated Fishing page.
  16. Go Snorkelling. Explore the Snorkel trail sites at the Old pier and Port na Caranean and see what's hiding on our shoreline.