No permit is required if responsible fishing is carried out anywhere along the coast.

However, Loch and River Permits are needed between 1st April and 15th Oct. These are provided free of charge and all we ask in return is that you adhere to the restrictions and return the catch form.

The Loch Fishing Permit covers 6 Lochs – Loch Papadil, Loch Coire nan Gruund, Loch MacIvor (an Dornabac), Loch Fiachanis, Loch a’Ghillie Reamhra, and Loch Long. Visitors are asked to avoid fishing on ALL other lochs and lochans between 1st Mar and 15th Oct, as these are important breeding habitats for Red Throated Divers (Learga-ruadh). These birds are a threatened species of conservation concern and are protected under European and UK Law (Wild Bird Directive 79/409/EEC, and the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981). Red Throated Divers nest on the ground close to the loch side and any disturbance is likely to cause abandonment of the eggs or vulnerable young. It is an offence to knowingly disturb these protected birds during the breeding season.

River fishing is permitted on Kinloch Burn and Allt Slugan a’Choilich (Coire Dubh), and covers the area from the river mouths to the main deer fence (approximately 1 mile upstream). Please do not fish on burns outside these areas.

Visitors are asked to put back all salmon and sea trout parr and smoults. Hen fish heavy with spawn in the autumn and finnoch under 8” long should also be returned to the water.

Permits cover fly-fishing and spinning and are available from the following locations:

  • SNH Reserve Office
  • Rum Shop