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Wildlife IntroductionOtter footprints (c) George Logan

Manx Shearwater (c) Georgina McMillanThe Isle of Rum has outstanding opportunities for observing wildlife in its natural environment. 

The island boasts one of the largest Manx Shearwater colonies in the world, was the site of an ambitious white-tailed eagle reintroduction program and is home to 900 red deer.

In Kinloch, wildlife watching opportunities occur, in the most part, when least expecting them. Golden and white-tailed eagles are regularly seen soaring over Loch Scresort and otters often play at the ferry terminal as the boat manoeuvres in the bay.  Dolphins occasionally follow boats into the bay, creating a spectacle for all. 

In spring, Eider ducks coo along the shore and birdsong rings out in the woodland.

Have a meander through the following Wildlife and Ranger sections to find out more about what you might see when visiting the Isle of Rum.

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