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Ranger Service


Rum has a Community Ranger who is full of useful information to help make your visit more enjoyable. To find out what the Ranger has to offer, visit the Ranger page here.

Visitor Centre

Rum VIsitor Centre (c) MIchael Werndly

The Rum Visitor Centre is situated on the lower shore road near the old pier. Here you can learn about the island’s special features, the walking opportunities and pick up some handy information leaflets.
There is also further information on fishing - you can pick up a leaflet showing the designated fishing lochs, and a form to fill in details of your catch.
The Visitor Centre is open everyday during the summer months.  In the winter, information can be found at the Ranger post in the Village Hall.
Page updated 17 April 2019

Kim's Kitchen in the Village Hall

The Café is now open again Monday to Friday! 10am-4pm

You can also book an evening meal - the Friday Fish Supper, with fish from Andy Race in Mallaig, fried in Prosecco batter (or beer on request), comes highly recommended! It's best to book in for a meal at least the day before, to be sure of getting a table. 

>>>Kim is now ordering in extra fresh fish every Friday, so you can walk in for a fish supper takeaway!

Have a look at Kim's new website for details and booking - click on the photo (top right) and it will take you there.

You can also email Kim Taylor -

- for more details.

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Page updated 25 June 2019

Post Office / Village Shop

Rum Shop (c) George Logan

The Isle of Rum Shop and Post Office is small but very well stocked with a wide range of groceries including bread, veggies, dairy, meat, snacks, alcohol, toiletries, books and plenty of midge repellent. Rum shop also stocks a handy pocket-sized laminated fold-up map of the island ask in store for details.

You can find it next to the Village Hall which is about a 25 minute walk from the ferry terminal but only a 5 minute walk from Kinloch Castle.

If you’re planning to visit Rum as part of a large group, groceries can be pre-ordered, but please place your order at least one week in advance. Follow this link to an order form or phone the shop for more information. Due to opening times, if no-one answers please leave a message and Jinty will get back to you as soon as possible.

During Summer, Post Office opening hours are 1000-1200 on the Calmac ferry days and the shop is also open most evenings 1700 - 2000. Please see noticeboards for up-to-date opening times.

The shop now has chip and PIN and can offer a cashback service. The Post Office also has a facility for withdrawing cash.

Have a look at the Order Form here.


Rum Stores / Post Office

Isle of Rum, PH43 4RR, UK

Shop Keeper / Postmistress - Jinty Crocket

Phone: 01687 460 328

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Page updated May 2018

Bike Hire

Bike Hire (c) Fliss Fraser

Bikes are available for day hire from Rum Crafts.  For more information on tariffs please email or call at Rum Crafts.  Booking is preferred but not essential. 

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Market Day Produce (c) Nic Goddard


Here on Rum we are proud to produce a lot of our own food from home grown fruit, salad and vegetables, to freshly laid eggs and honey. We are lucky to have wild fruits and other foragers delights growing here and we have some very talented cooks, brewers, bakers, preservers and picklers!

Local produce is available to buy from Jinty at Rum Shop, home baked cakes on offer in the teashop and produce available direct from our crofters and gardeners.

We apologise that Rum Venison is currently unavailable. 

Croft 3 has free range chicken, duck and goose eggs either from Rum Shop or direct from the Shed at the gates of Croft 3, along the lower side of the North Side Nature Trail. Seasonal products are also available. Home made bread, cakes and pies can be ordered and delivered down to Kinloch Village. Email for prices, to place an order or arrange collection.

Isle of Rum Village Hall Hire

Rum Village Hall (c) Georgina McMillan

The Isle of Rum Village Hall is available for hire. If you are thinking of coming to Rum to hold an event such as a wedding, a birthday or anniversary party then hiring the Village Hall is a must. With its own well-appointed kitchen, small stage and large dance floor, there is ample room to ceilidh. See photos and YouTube video of Rum events below.


£6 per hour to hire the Village Hall and kitchen. To hire the Village Hall for a night, charges start at £100 (plus a £50 refundable deposit) for a 1700 start with hirers making sure the hall is clean and tidy by 0900 the following day.

Here are some Youtube videos people have taken at events in our Village Hall



The Village Hall is managed by the Rum Community Association. Please email for more information on booking the Village Hall for your event.

Concert in the Rum Village Hall (c) Georgina McMillanRum Ceilidh (c) Georgina McMillanRum Village Hall Deck (c) Georgina McMillan


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Public payphones and Mobile Phones

Payphone by the Craft Shop (c) Georgina McMillan

There is one public payphone on Rum. It is located on the shore road by the Craft Shop - in the red phone box.
There is limited mobile phone reception on Rum but connection is often possible in front of Kinloch Castle or by the Village Hall. There are some areas out of the village where a signal is received such as up on the hilltops - but this is not reliable.


There is wireless internet in Rum Bunkhouse for guests and there is wi-fi and a computer with internet access available in the Village Hall. The Village Hall is open everyday, and we request of donation of £1 per 30 minutes of wi-fi access to help with Hall running costs.

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Toilets/Showers and Water


There are two public toilets at the village campsite which is a 10 minute walk from the ferry terminal. There are also toilets in the Village Hall which is a 25 minute walk from the ferry terminal.  There is also a composting toilet at the ferry terminal.Rum Public Toilets (c) Georgina McMillan

Rum Village Campsite Showers (c) Georgina McMillanShowers

In summer the village campsite has two hot showers. If you are not staying over at the campsite, you may still have a shower as a day visitor. Showers for day visitors are £1.50 per person and please limit your shower to 5 minutes. The honesty box can be found on the side of the shower block.


There are fresh water taps at the village campsite and also one on the Old Pier. You can also fill your water bottle at the Village Hall where there is another outdoor tap. Drinking water on Rum is chlorinated and is sourced at Coire Dubh - the same water source as the hyrdo-electric sheme that powers the whole village.

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Rubbish and Recycling

There are very limited rubbish and recycling facilities on Rum so please try to limit the amount you create or take your rubbish away with you. Please try to compost as much as you can and burn any paper or cardboard if practical and safe to do so. If you have burnable rubbish, you can also hand it over (bagged) to the Community Ranger in the village hall for burning.
There are big skips at the ferry terminal where you can put your rubbish - one for Glass Recycling, one for Metal & Plastic Recycling and one for General Rubbish.
Non-recyclable rubbish must be bagged and placed in the General Rubbish skip, though one of the side doors (the skip has a covered top). This rubbish ends up in landfill, so please recycle as much as possible and limit what you put into this skip.
The photo on the right shows what you can put into the Metal & Plastic recycling skip >
Please separate glass into green, brown and clear for the recycling skip, see photo below.
Glass and Metal Recycling wheelie bins can also be found at the Village Hall and a Battery Recycling Point is located in the Village Hall foyer.

Page updated June 2019

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