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Keeping the Small Isles Safe


Keeping the Small Isles safe

Sunday Beach Clean - March 2021


Sunday 14th March, the Rum Community took to the shore at midday in the drizzling rain for the first of many beach-cleans this year. It was a great success, with over 15 volunteers splitting into two teams to take on the coastline at low tide. Scouring the seaweed, rocks and sandbanks, the community was able to collect 36kg worth of rubbish, filling a whole builders sack to the top. This is a shocking amount for a small rural island, but due to the efforts of the islanders, it has now been safely binned and no longer threatens the many coastal birds and sea creature that call the coastline their home.

The Rum Community would like to mention that ‘It’s not our rubbish but it is our planet’. Much of the

rubbish found was made up of different types of plastics, some of it domestic and some commercial, such as nylon rope and fishing nets. Clear plastic packaging, plastic bottles, plastic bags and much more was found on the beach. With plenty more beaches to scour on Rum, the community are planning on getting together again to clean up the rest of their beautiful coastline and to make it a safer and cleaner place for all.

In other news, a freshly cast antler was found by one of the locals during the beach clean and will now help with the research done on the island for the Red Deer Research Project. It has been confirmed as belonging to the stag, Wisdom 11.

Mini Competition for Additional Support Services - Sept 2020


Here is a document that is part of the on-going tender process for the Rum hydro.

Mini Competition for Additional Support Services

Application Deadline now passed 29th August 2020


The application deadline for the new IRCT homes has now passed.  Due to the overwhelming response, any applications that were received after 5pm on 28th August 2020 will not be processed. We aim to be in touch will all applicants as soon as possible, but please bear with us at this very busy time.

New Houses - Additional pictures 30th July 2020


The building of the four new IRCT houses has much transformed an area of Kinloch Village. These pictures show the progression of the work, and although taken from different angles, the same group of trees is marked in each. The other buildings in the development are those used by the Mowi fish farm workers and manager.

See News item dates 28th July 2020 for internal pictures of the houses as they are heading towards completion.

Further Housing Application Information 28th July 2020


The photos below show the new IRCT houses that are currently under construction on Rum. They are getting towards being finished, with approximately two more months of work to go. Some of this work will be external, including getting some sort of a garden established. As you can see the garden size for each house is quite small, around 0.05ha. There are two detatched houses and one semi-detatched (total 4 houses) and they are quite close to one another. All houses have great south facing views, up into the Rum Cuillin. 

Once a tenancy is secured, if any new tenant would like to rent an additional small plot of land from IRCT, ie for a polytunnel or chickens etc, then this can be discussed. 

Here are two maps showing the house locations. Map 1 and Map 2

Applications close at 5pm on Friday 28th August 2020. Please send completed applications to

Application Form HERE

Prospective Residents Welcome Pack HERE

Here are some internal pictures first:


Applications for new housing NOW RE-OPENED 23 July 2020


For those interested in our new IRCT house tenancies, we are now ready to receive applications again

Please also read the Prospective Residents Welcome Pack HERE  This contain lots of useful information about living on Rum.

If you wish to apply, see the Application Form HERE

Please send your completed application to by 5pm FRIDAY 28th August 2020.

**Due to the number of inquiries, IRCT may not be able to respond to all queries by email. Hopefully, if you keep an eye on this page IRCT will try to answer any generic questions that arise. Eg, Q. How much is the rent likely to be? A. We are currently looking at this being £450/month.**

Rum's Community Response to COVID-19


To see our Community Response to the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis, follow this link HERE

Stay home, stay safe, protect the NHS.

Application Form - New Housing on Rum


Due to the huge amount of interest in the new housing on Rum, the Isle of Rum Community Trust (IRCT) has produced the following essential documents for those interested. This news item will be updated regularly with the latest information, so please keep checking.

For everyone who has expressed an interest by email over the last week or so or is interested now, please read the updated letter (16/03/2020) from IRCT HERE

Please also read the Prospective Residents Welcome Pack HERE This contains a lot of information about life on Rum.

If you wish to apply the allocation process currently suspended. You can still apply but applications won’t be looked at until the allocation process is resumed following relaxation of Covid restrictions, please see the Application Form HERE   This is now in Word format

**Due to the volume of applications, we may not be able to respond to all queries by email. But hopefully if you keep an eye on this page we can post any updates here that answer generic questions. E.g. one of which is, how much is the rent likely to be? We are currently looking at this being £450/mth. Thanks, IRCT **

The allocation process is suspended until the relaxation of the Covid-19 restrictions. Please keep checking this page for updates.

Helicopter Transport


Today saw the movement of building materials from Kinloch to Dibidil Bothy for the works planned by the Mountain Bothies Association (MBA) from May 18th to 7th June 2020. On the first beautiful day since anyone can remember, the helicopter came and took the loads around so they will be in place for the work party.

The MBA asks that anyone planning a trip to Dibidil bothy during this planned work period  brings a tent with them as space within the bothy will be of a premium.

Thanks to Sean Morris for the pictures.

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