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Quiz & Cheese Night, Friday 18th March 2016



Friday 18th March: 7pm onwards: Quiz and Cheese night in the village hall! We will be doing a quiz, team numbers to be decided. Prize to be announced! Please bring something cheese-based for the bring-and-share meal - it can be hot, cold, cooked, raw, elaborate or simple - but must be cheesy!

Entry will be £1 per person, hope to see you there!

Photo Galleries Now Here!


Photo Galleries Now Here!

We are making a gallery of Rum pictures - please email us any good photos of the island you have:

We'll have separate galleries for wildlife, landscapes, Kinloch Castle, people and ponies. Maximum file size is 200kb.

New Volunteers in the Wild....


Croft 3 on the Isle of Rum will be hosting 4 volunteer events during 2016.

Spaces are limited so get in touch with to register your interest and get further details.

Projects include path building, working in the fruit and veg patch and polytunnel, feeding and working with the Croft 3 pigs and poultry, green building, wood chopping and more.

Come and spend time with the Goddard family (as seen on Ben Fogle's New Lives in the Wild last year) on their permaculture inspired, off grid 8 acre croft here on Rum.

The dates are: Wednesday 1st - Friday 10th June; Monday 4th - Wednesday 13th July; Monday 1st - Wednesday 10th August; Wednesday 31st August - Friday 9th September

Wonderful Burns Night here on Rum, 25th January 2016


A fabulous Burns Supper on Rum this 25th of January. 

A communal three course feast with haggis made with venison from the Rum red deer, plenty of poems, singing and a toast or two.

Later in the evening there was singing and music from Rum residents and the whisky-filled quaich did the rounds once or twice!

Why not check out the events page for more information about what's on on Rum and plan your next visit?

Meet the Locals: We are running another Deer Walk this summer...


Meet the Locals! Saturday 25th June 2016
We are running another walk out to Kilmory this summer, to see the deer (and hopefully some of this year’s calves) and learn more about the

Rum Deer Project

Meet outside the Village Hall at 1pm, returning by around 8pm
Wear good boots – it’s a 16km (10 mile) round trip, on mostly dry but uneven surfaces. Bring a picnic supper, cameras, binoculars and midge repellent/jackets

There will also be a short talk about the work of the Rum Deer Project and a chance to see the vast collection of skulls and antlers built up over the last 40+ years

£10 Visitors / £5 Children *Booking essential*
For booking and more details speak to Trudi the Ranger or contact her on

Rum is in the news again - this time for our enormous worms!


The earthworms out at Papadil are the size of young snakes - more than three times the length and weight of mainland worms.

Dr Kevin Butt talked about them on Radio 4's Today programme recently:

"Dr Butt believes the Rum worms are bigger than average due to their remote, undisturbed location, with good quality soil.

Rum also lacks predators such as badgers, moles, hedgehogs and foxes which would usually gobble the worms before they had chance to grow into monsters.

Unlike most animals, which stop growing once they reach an adult size, earthworms keep on growing if left alone.

“These things have just have been left and have grown bigger and bigger,” explained Dr Butt, who has been studying earthworms for around 30 years."

Click on the link below for the full article:

A new lichen discovered on Rum!


A colleague on Rum recently discovered a new lichen for the island – Pseudocyphellaria norvegica or the Norwegian Speckle Belly to use the quirky common name! It’s a nationally scarce species.

Finding the Norwegian Speckle Belly is always exciting because it usually means you’re in a special place for a whole range of globally restricted bryophytes and lichens that thrive in our Celtic Rainforests. It is very sensitive to air pollution; one reason why it thrives in the pure air of western Scotland. The British Lichen Society consider it a key indicator that woodland has been continually present at a site for a very long time (although it will colonise more recent woodland where conditions are optimal and there is a good source of new material). Threats include being shaded out by invasive rhododendron and loss of habitat, particularly in areas where many years of high grazing pressure has prevented woodland regeneration.

Rum's Red Deer are stars again!


Rum’s red deer are on AutumnWatch again this year. See episode 2 for the spectacular fights between Sargasso, Smooth and Anemone04. Ali sent the snapped off antler down to the AutumnWatch team and Chris Packham gave a brilliant demonstration and explanation for the difference between antler bone and ordinary bone. Watch the next episodes for the night filming of the red deer shenanigans too! Photo by Sean Morris.

BBQ Bothy


The brand new BBQ Bothy is now available for hire - £50 per night for as many people as you can fit inside! The cabin sleeps 4 and can seat 20.

The barbeque is inside the hut for a warm and cosy, midge-free evening, whatever the weather.

Sleeping platforms with luxurious reindeer hides provide comfort and warmth while you wait for your sausages to cook.

Situated on the edge of the campsite, looking out over the loch near the old pier, this beautiful new cabin is a welcome addition to Rum’s accommodation.

It’s close to the toilets and showers, and only a ten minute walk from the village.

For more details call 01687 460328

You can find more photos on the BBQ Bothy Facebook page:

Green light for our Community Land Use Plan!


The Highland Council has approved an innovative Community Land Use Plan designed to reverse population decline on the Isle of Rum and attract new investment to the village of Kinloch.

Commissioned by The Isle of Rum Community Trust (IRCT), the plan has been produced by PAS following a significant amount of intense community engagement with the residents of the island and other key stakeholders such as Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), whilst working in partnership with Highland Council.

Read more in the link below:

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