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Vote For the Rum Byre Development - September 2011


Help the Rum Byre Development - We need your vote...

Rum Byre (c) Vikki Trelfer
Rum Byre (c) Vikki Trelfer
Rum Byre (c) Vikki Trelfer







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New Book - 'Eccentric Wealth - The Bulloughs of Rum' - August 2011


New Book by Alastair Scott - This is the first book dedicated to exploring the myriad myths and rumours about the Bulloughs of Rum, ranging from their humble beginnings in Lancashire cotton mills to their world-leading inventions which afforded the fantasy world they created on Rum.  Stripping away the hearsay from fact has does nothing to diminish the extraordinary lives they led - indeed, there is a host of spicy new revelations to replace the ones that lack corroboration.  This is not a dry biography but an enthralling read about how the other half lived when they, the nouveau riche, broke free from the social and moral bondage of Victorian Britain. Essential reading for everyone with an interest in Rum and its icon, Kinloch Castle!

Available to buy at Kinloch Castle and at the Rum Community Shop, paperback, RRP £9.99.  Published by Birlinn, 2011.


Burgdorf Students (Switzerland) Visit Rum - August 2011


Twelve students and three lecturers from Bern University of Applied Sciences in Burgdorf, Switzerland, came out to Rum in late August 2011 as part of their architecture summer Burgdorf Students (c) Thomas Krebsschool programme. Thomas Krebs,  group co-ordinator and also a member of the Kinloch Castle Friends Association, liaised with IRCT and arranged for the students to come to Rum and create designs for buildings in the village. Last year, he came to Rum with a first student group and they produced some great designs for the byre/ old farm steading building in the village. These drawings were very helpful to the Rum community as they helped to visualise the potential of the Byre and other developments in the village. This year, they looked at designs for sustainable housing on the north side of Loch Scresort and revisited the Byre design as some of the priorities have changed. We are looking forward to seeing their designs from this year's group and wish to thank Thomas and Bern University of Applied Sciences again for their great work in helping the Rum community.


New Handrails on Rockery Burn Bridge - August 2011


New handrails have been put onto Rockery Burn Bridge this month. The old handrail was getting unsafe and local joiner Sandy Fraser recently finished the new handrails and they are looking great.  The repairs were paid for by SNH as part of the transfer agreement, but IRCT will be responsible for ongoing maintenance and liability.  Rockery Burn Bridge (c) Georgina McMillanRockery Burn Bridge with residents Fliss, Sandy and Jocelyn (c) Georgina McMillan

Take a moment next time you’re there to lean on the rail and watch the river flow by!




New Visitor Services Manager at Kinloch Castle - July 2011


Kinloch Castle on the Isle of Rum has appointed a new Visitor Services Manager. David Armstrong came to Rum on the 11th of July 2011 and has started in his new role.His wife Lynda and 22 month old daughter Elena will be joining David on Rum in the next few weeks. They are moving from the Wirral Peninsula which is sandwiched between north Wales and Liverpool - so they are used to wet conditions with biting insects! David has a broad background including serving 13 years in the army which included being stationed in a variety of countries such as Norway, Denmark, the Falklands, Canada, Germany and Bosnia. He has also studied and attained an MA in History which has led his career to the heritage field. He was once a costume interpreter at the Tower of London and he recently worked for 4 years with the National Trust. This was in the Liverpool area which involved the management of Speke Hall, and Mendips and 20 Forthlin Road – the childhood homes of John Lennon and Paul McCartney!

David and his family are looking forward to exploring Rum and the Highlands – David is keen on wildlife and is a closet twitcher, Lynda is keen to do kayaking and canoeing and their daughter has already shown liking of horses and ponies – so Rum should be able to keep them entertained. They are also looking forward to getting involved with the nursery and school on Rum.

Welcome to Rum David, Lynda and Elena!


New Isle of Rum Community Trust Development Officer - June 2011


Following David Frew’s departure in March, IRCT has appointed a new Development Officer; Vikki Trelfer started on 6th June 2011 and is getting into the swing of island life.  Vikki previously lived in Inverness and worked for the Citizens Advice Bureau, and in August will complete her MSc in Sustainable Rural Development through Aberdeen University.  Her contract is funded by HIE and LEADER and runs to the end of November 2011, but we are hopeful it will be extended for a further two years.



Rum's First Crofters of the Modern Era Take up new Crofting Tenancy - May 2011


Lesley Watt along with her partner Neil Boyd are set to become the first crofters on the Isle of Rum in the modern era.  The whole of the island Lesley Watt and Neil Boyd (c) Georgina McMillanwas previously owned and managed as a National Nature Reserve by Scottish Natural Heritage.  However, assets and land in Kinloch Village were transferred in two phases (2009 and 2010)  into the ownership of the Isle of Rum Community Trust (IRCT) and three bare land crofts were created.  The IRCT  objectives for the crofts are to provide security of tenure on the island, to encourage both local and new people to take up crofting activities and to encourage a sustainable economic base for the Isle of Rum community.

Lesley and Neil were successful in their application to let the 6.31 hectare Croft No. 1 in May 2011 and are planning a number of small enterprises including sheep and chicken rearing and keeping horses.  They also plan to build their house on the croft as soon as possible as they are currently living in shared rented accommodation.

Ms Watt said, ‘We are very excited about the new opportunities now open to us on Rum through the crofting tenancy. This enables ourselves and the local community to be more self sufficient and gives us security for our future on the island.”

A spokesperson for the IRCT said, ‘This is great news for the islands community and sees the Community Trust fulfilling a number of its objectives including promoting sustainable development and encouraging a sound economic base for the Isle of Rum Community.’


Trawler runs aground on Rum - February 2011


Stornoway Coastguard search and rescue helicopter air-lifted 14 French fishermen to safety after their vessel ran aground last night – only hours after Maritime and Coastguard Chief Executive Sir Alan Massey had visited the island station to discuss possible MCA closures. FV Jack Abry II had been at sea for just under 10 hours before it struck rocks at low tide on the north west coast of the Isle of Rum yesterday (Monday, January 31). Listing heavily in the moderate swell with a west/south westerly wind force seven to eight, the crew of the stricken trawler prepared themselves in survival suits as a Mayday call was sent out, received by Stornoway coastguard station at 11.23pm.

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