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New Rum and Small Isles Walking book - May 2012


Walking on Rum and the Small Isles - by Peter Edwards 2012

A new guidebook to Walking on Rum and the Small Isles, which also covers near neighbours Coll and Tiree, is published by the UK's leading outdoor pursuits specialists, Cicerone Press, on June 15th 2012. The author, Peter Edwards, spent much of the first half of 2011 carrying out his field 'research' walking the length and breadth of the isles in his attempt to produce the definitive walking guide to a region that he believes offers some of the finest walking to be had anywhere in the UK. However, compared with many areas of the Highlands and Islands, the Small Isles remain off the beaten track; as Peter puts it:

It is customary to refer to the Small Isles as the 'hidden gems' of the Western Isles – and with good cause. Though blessed with great natural beauty, an abundance of wildlife and remarkable geological features, the islands tend to be overlooked, literally and metaphorically, by the many visitors drawn to the famously scenic grandeur of Skye, their renowned and imposing neighbour.

The relative dearth of visitors is partly due to the Small Isles having few roads  and visitors only being allowed to bring vehicles by special arrangement. Furthermore, though the islands' amenities are generally of a good standard, they are far from extensive. Therefore, planning a walking trip to the Small Isles requires a degree of logistical forethought – just getting here can be an undertaking in itself.

The upside is the real sense of remoteness that is found among the hills, along the rugged coastlines and beach-garlanded shores of these wonderful islands;  they are a haven for those who like to get away from the madding crowd and enjoy the peace and freedom of walking through landscapes unaffected by large-scale tourism.

Rum, the largest of the group, is just 14km north to south by 13.5km east to west. Yet in this relatively small area the island provides remarkable scope for the adventurous and experienced walker. The distinctive chain of volcanic hills comprising the Rum Cuillin is the obvious and immediate draw for outdoor enthusiasts, whether for hill-walking, scrambling or rock climbing. A round of the Rum Cuillin makes for a challenging day in the hills and usually features somewhere on the 'to-do' list of Scottish mountain afficianados. This is the first guidebook to provide a detailed route description of this remarkable mountain walk using Ordnance Survey mapping.

However, for the adventurous walker there is much more to Rum than the Cuillin. This guidebook includes detailed route descriptions for seven walks on the island, with variants, including the Cuillin traverse; the Dibdil horseshoe; a challenging and sublime two to three-day walk around the coast, and circular routes around the remote western hills – as well as several shorter routes.

The guidebook also covers the other islands of the Small Isles archipelago – Eigg, Canna and Muck – as well as their near neighbours, Coll and Tiree – the Hebridean Twins. Unsurprisingly, many of the routes included are coastal walks traversing extremely varied terrain from rugged, rocky shores and vertiginous cliffs to vast expanses of flower-carpeted machair and white sandy beaches. These coastal landscapes teem with wildlife and remarkable geological features, including raised beaches, caves, natural arches, sea stacks and basalt dikes. Many traces of the islands' histories, both ancient and more recent, are found around these coastlines; from Bronze Age duns (fortifications) perched on rocky promontories to the abandoned settlements, bearing mute testament to the Highland Clearances.

IRCT Administrator Job Vacancy - April 2012


Isle of Rum Community Trust are looking to recruit a new Administrator.  

Details of the job description can be found here.

Applicants are asked to submit their CV and covering letter to by May 11th.


Job Vacancy at Kinloch Castle - April 2012


Job Vacancy at Kinloch Castle - Catering / General Assistant job - please see for details on how to apply

Camping Cabins Arrive - March 2012


Camping Cabins Arrive (c) Vikki TrelferFriday 30th March saw the arrival of the Isle of Rum Community Trust’s new camping cabins.  The two ‘pods’ are now a part of  Kinloch Village Campsite and are located at the east end of the campsite, nearer to the Old Pier and it is hoped that they will earn a valuable income for IRCT to invest in other community projects.

The cabins are beautifully basic.  With mattresses to sleep up to four people and ample space for kit, they will provide a welcome retreat from the Rum midges later in the season!  They also have solar lighting and spectacular views out over Loch Scresort.

Development Officer, Vikki Trelfer who is in charge of this project says  “This is a really exciting project for the community on Rum; we’re now able to offer visitors a greater variety of accommodation. This wouldn’t have been possible without support from the LEADER programme and Highlands & Islands Enterprise, and is a first step towards greater economic sustainability for the island.”

Dave positioning cabins (c) Sean Morris

Vikki and the first Cabin (c) Sean MorrisThe project owes a massive debt of gratitude to Peter Crocket for his time and dedication to numbers and angles and to Dave Beaton for stepping into the breach and creating the most magnificently sculpted strainer post bases that no-one will ever see, but we know are there!

Further information on how to book the Cabins is available here.  Alternatively, e-mail or call Jinty at Rum Shop 01687 460 328.

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Teashop opening Wednesday April 4th - April 2012


Excitement is building as Claire has announced her opening day for her teashop in the newly redecorated Village Hall as Wednesday April 4th 2012.

We can't wait to sample her selection of soup, sarnies, toasties, tray bakes and other home baking.  Summer is truely here!

For more information have a look at her section of the website here


Rare Bittern on Rum - March 2012


Well done Norman for spotting a Bittern in the nearly completed wildlife garden next to the Village Hall on Sunday 18th.  Apparently the bird spent some time guddling happily in the garden.  

For more on this story and some superb photos have a look at Mike the Ranger's blog here.

Rum Shop renovations complete - March 2012


Rum Shop interior (c) Ali Morris

Jinty has been working hard this winter, renovating and improving Rum Post Office and Shop thanks to a Post Office Chip and PIN logoDiversification Fund grant.  

Outside, the front of the shop now has a covered over area and an all access ramp.  Jinty plans to set up some secure cabinets in this area to increase her stock area.  The ramp is great for access and for deliveries and the local children love running and cycling up and down it. Inside, changes have also taken place; there are two new glass fronted fridges and one Rum Shop Exterior (c) Ali Morris freezer so you can see what goodies there are before taking them out, the floor has been re-tiled and the interior has had a lick of paint.  Most recently, a chip and PIN payment system has been installed so it is now possible to pay by card and get cash back at Rum Shop.



Whatever happened to the 'Rhouma'? - March 2012


The 'Rhouma' - former Rum flit boat (c) Douglas King

Thank you to Douglas King who has sent us a photo of the former Rum flit boat the  'Rhouma'. He took this photo (right) in Oban in June last year and she had 'Rhouma Oban' painted on her stern. This flit boat was no longer needed on Rum with the advent of the new pier and roll-on roll-off vessel, the MV Loch Nevis. Visitors to Rum prior to the new pier being completed will remember the climbing aboard the 'Rhouma' before landing at the Old Pier. We are pleased to see her looking so good.

M/Y Madiz in 2007, from Wikipedia




And here is the original 'Rhouma 2' (left) as owned by Sir George Bullough of Kinloch Castle. She is now called the M/Y 'Madiz' and is still going strong at over one hundred years of age.  For more information on her illustrious career click here.


Second Croft Allocated - February 2012


Interviews were held on the 16th of February for the allocation of the second croft by the Isle of Rum Community Trust.  The Goddard family, from Sussex, have been the successful applicants and are looking forward to the challenges ahead of them.  The croft, which is little more than rough pasture at the moment, is situated to the west of Kinloch Village, and has great views out onto the National Nature Reserve.

Sean Morris, one of IRCT’s Directors involved in interviewing the crofters, is pleased that the island’s population will receive a welcome boost: “Nic and Ady are incredibly enthusiastic about moving to Rum, and have not been put off by the logistical challenges posed by life on a remote island, or by the hard work that will be involved in making the croft work. They convinced us that they have some really good, innovative ideas, but that their feet are firmly on the ground and they are aware of the tough realities of island life. They seem to have a good network of contacts, and hopefully this will be beneficial to the whole community.” The Goddards have been writing a blog about their recent year-long search for a different way of living, which culminated in a visit to Rum and the start of a whole new adventure.

To follow their blog click here

The Rum community look forward to welcoming them to the Island and wish them every success with their new adventure.

Rum Shop ready for Orders - February 2012


With the new tourist season approaching, Jinty has put together an Order Form to give everyone an idea of the kinds of things she has in stock, from bread and milk to organic burger and sausage mixes. The Order Form is directed more towards larger visiting groups, but if you would like to avoid any disappointment and ensure the shop has enough cereal and tea bags in for you and your family, please get in touch.

Because Jinty has limited space - as you’ll see when you visit the shop - this order form doesn’t cover all the items that she has for sale and is subject to change.  If you would like anything in particular, would like to place a bulk order, or are just plain curious, contact Jinty on 01687 460 328 or e-mail

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