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An island playground for children, not millionaires! - Oct 2013


The Isle of Rum Community Trust has been successful in an application to Big Lottery Fund’s ‘Communities and Families Fund’ for £9,500, to create a safe, enclosed play area for young children.The play park will include swings, and a tower/slide unit, and it is the first time that facilities have been provided for young children on the island.

Having an area in the village specifically for small children to play together has long been a topic for community discussion, and a fit for purpose play park came out top in suggestions for making the island a better place for young people from teenagers who have grown up on Rum.

With no scheduled regular activities or after school clubs, a play park at the heart of the community will help parents, especially new parents, from feeling isolated.Rum has only one settlement, so visiting another town or village with good facilities is not an option.The new play park will give island children the opportunity to actively play and socialise, both with resident children and visitors.

“This is great news for our community,” Alison Morris, mother of one, says.“We can help to support parents, especially new mums, to reduce feelings of isolation and encourage parents to come together.”

Funds such as this one from the Big Lottery Fund are invaluable in helping to empower isolated communities with small populations and few resources to make positive changes which improve the lives of residents.

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