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Second annual Blasda feast - September 2013


Rum Blasda

Blasda is gaelic for 'sweet and tasty' and that is certainly what our second annual Blasda festival here on the isle of Rum was. A bring and share communal lunch attended by guests and members of the community making full use of the wild and foraged food from Rum, delicious Rum Venison, free range eggs from our crofters, a whole medley of fruit, vegetables, salad and herbs from the gardeners and green fingered residents here and plenty of demonstrations of the cooking, baking and culinary skills here on the island. We enjoyed three courses of fine food followed by some rousing music by visiting musicians which gave the younger members of the community the chance to dance and work some of their lunch off! A fabulous afternoon much enjoyed by all and donations from those not supplying food will be added to our Hall Roof fund.

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