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Burgdorf Students (Switzerland) Visit Rum - August 2011


Twelve students and three lecturers from Bern University of Applied Sciences in Burgdorf, Switzerland, came out to Rum in late August 2011 as part of their architecture summer Burgdorf Students (c) Thomas Krebsschool programme. Thomas Krebs,  group co-ordinator and also a member of the Kinloch Castle Friends Association, liaised with IRCT and arranged for the students to come to Rum and create designs for buildings in the village. Last year, he came to Rum with a first student group and they produced some great designs for the byre/ old farm steading building in the village. These drawings were very helpful to the Rum community as they helped to visualise the potential of the Byre and other developments in the village. This year, they looked at designs for sustainable housing on the north side of Loch Scresort and revisited the Byre design as some of the priorities have changed. We are looking forward to seeing their designs from this year's group and wish to thank Thomas and Bern University of Applied Sciences again for their great work in helping the Rum community.


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