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Screen Machine Visit - July 2013


Screen Machine on Rum Pier (c) Vikki Trelfer

Rum residents and visitors were entertained last month by the first ever visit of the Screen Machine, the mobile cinema which tours the Highlands. There was great excitement as the truck rolled off the ferry and parked up at the top of the pier, then smoothly extended its sides to create a roomy cinema complete with tiered seating and surround sound. Two films were shown; the animation Epic and The Great Gatsby – some residents went along to both showings. Well, who knows when we’ll next get the chance? The Great Gatsby was an apt choice for an island which used to be the playground of an eccentric millionaire notorious for throwing lavish parties! Everyone felt a bit disoriented as we stepped out of 1920's New York to discover that we were, in fact, still on Rum. Wending our way home in the twilight there was a sense of disappointment that the party was over and that perhaps Kinloch Castle could host an aftershow party complete with chandeliers, champagne fountains and fireworks to top the night off. Unfortunately this wasn’t possible. We look forward to the Screen Machine’s return, and to Baz Luhrman’s “George’s Folly”, a sumptuous telling of the tale of one man’s dream of a big pink castle on a wild island!

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