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Small Isles Games Success - July 2013


Small Isles Games (c) Nic GoddardA fabulous weekend for us as Rum hosted the Small Isles Games for 2013. The weather could not have been better with sunshine and enough 3-legged Race Small Isles Games (c) Nic Goddardbreeze to keep the midges at bay.  The smell of venison burgers and the sounds of sausgaes sizzling on the barbecue (not to mention the unmistakable noise of cans cracking open) all against the twin backdrop of Kinlock castle and Loch Scresort made the perfect setting.

First game was the Hill Race – the North Side Nature Trail with a short cut across Croft 3 and a choice of ‘short but wet’ through the river or ‘dry but long’ following the path. A great start for Rum with Marcel taking second place for the men, Kez – who is such a frequent Rum visitor she almost counts as a resident – first for the women and Scarlett coming in second for the kids.  Well done to all Rumachs who ran – Ranger Mike, Sean, Gav, Ian and Davies – we’re proud of you all!

Meanwhile the wee kids races began with laddies, lassies and egg and tatties for the little ‘uns.  Alongside this plenty of adults were trying their hand at axe throwing – a very theraputic if slightly dangerous challenge! Mel had the first aid kit on hand just in case but realistically a helicopter ride and a prosthetic limb would have been more the order of the day if it had gone wrong! 

Wellies were wanged, shot was put, legs went running in triplicate and there was many a  tattie turned into mash underfoot as the games continued through the afternoon.  Much discussion on the best welly technique with lots of people managing height without length and some going very off course into the crowd!

Rum tug o'war team (c) Nic GoddardThe true games are won of course with the Tug of War and Team Rum proved unbeatable – we won every pull! Rope burns, bruises and trodden toes a-plenty we may have come in third overall but our victory as a tugging team will have us glowing til the games next year!  

Well done to Muck who were the overall Games winners of 2013Lawrence McEwen victorious with the Games trophy (c) Nic Goddard

The day was topped off with a fab ceilidh and sell-out venison stew at the hall and continued well into daylight hours the next day.  Just in time for Brekka Fest to begin serving up breakfast rolls merging into Sunday Community Teashop  which had the most impressive menu yet.

Massive thanks and well done to everyone who organised, planned, set up, masterminded, barbecued, Brekkafested, served drinks, collected money and otherwise made the day happen. A day to be proud of Rum and our residents.


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