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Community Beach Clean - April 2013


Harris Beach Clean (c) Nic GoddardOn Saturday 20th April, the Rum Community got together for a beach clean over at Harris. This is the first year that we have tackled this beach as we usually conduct our clean up at Kilmory and we knew we had set ourselves a challenge. However, with our thoughts tuned into the task and the lure of a lunchtime barbeque we set to it.

Despite it being a blustery day, everyone quickly piled up huge mounds of plastic rubbish.  Unfortunately, no treasures were found, just more and more plastic bottles and rope, broken fish boxes and oddly enough, many toothbrushes.

With black bags and bulk bags overflowing, the task began of getting everything up to the trailer waiting at Harris Lodge and our thoughts turned to a grand lunch of sausages, venison burgers and freshly caught fish. Yum-oh.

In the end we collected 10 bulk bags of rubbish in a few hours from just one small section of Harris beach.  There is a lot more to go, but we can at least enjoy one rubbish free area - until the next storm.

A really big thank you to everyone who participated, the Council for contributing bags and gloves and SNH for providing the barbeques.


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