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Rum Community Celebrates Lottery Win! - April 2013


This month we are in celebration mode, having received confirmation of funding from Big Lottery Fund to realise our vision of building a community-owned bunkhouse on the BIG Lottery Fund Logoisland.

The funding package comes to just under £700,000 and includes revenue funding for a Project Manager, training, staffing and set-up costs, as well as capital building costs.  We have been looking at ways to provide more visitor accommodation since Scottish Natural Heritage announced the closure of Kinloch Castle Hostel, which is being replaced with temporary accommodation units beside the castle this year (though you’ll still be able to take a tour of the museum). 

The bunkhouse will be able to sleep 20 people, and will be built near the campsite, on the site of Ferry Cottage which burned down in 2004.    A number of small businesses operate on the island, including Rum Shop, a B&B, craft shop, bike hire, and a summer tearoom in the village hall; all support this new development.

This is a really exciting project for us; it will enable us to secure jobs, provide continued accommodation for visitors, and will ensure that more tourism revenue remains within the community, supporting future development projects. 

Our Development Officer, Vikki Trelfer, is especially pleased!


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