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Shearwater Colony guided walk 13th April 2013


Manx Shearwater (c) Mike WerndlyIf you wish to learn more about the amazing ecology and behaviour of this nocturnal species and the current research that’s being carried out on Rum, then you’re welcome to IRCT Ranger LogoIRCT Logojoin island staff from SNH and the local community from 1900 for a short lecture followed directly by a guided night time walk up to our nearest mountain colony on Hallival.

Shearwaters return to their high top burrows to breed, and here you will sense the awakening of the shearwater city as the rushing wingbeats of the first arrivals are heard in the darkness. Soon the air is filled with birds, many calling eerily. The cacophony crescendos as birds call on the wing and from the ground, some on the surface, others from within burrows. This will certainly leave you with a lasting impression!

Please note: This guided walk is hard, as terrain is uneven and difficult in places, but not impossible. And it will be dark of course! If you’re SNH Logoaccustomed to mountain walking, then this walk should not pose any significant problems.
Participants of the night-time guided walk up to Hallival (c.600-675m) are asked to be at the Castle Lab by 1900 for an introductory lecture about the species and briefing. We will aim to leave at 2000.The outward walk up will take between 1 –2 hours. We aim to be back down in Kinloch at approximately 0200-0230. As you’ll be out in mountainous terrain for many hours in the dark, it is imperative that you bring a reliable head torch (and spare batteries), appropriate footwear and warm/waterproof clothing (a chocolate bar and a flask is a good bet too!).
Places for guided walk are limited so booking is absolutely essential. Please email Mike Werndly  for further information or to book a place on Free event. Please meet at the Castle Lab at 1900 (with all necessary personal equipment required for walk)


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