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Prizewinning pumpkin - October 2012


prizewinning pumpkin (C) Nic Goddard


The proud winner of the 2012 pumpkin growing competition is Fliss Fraser.  What the prizewinning specimen lacked in traditional pumpkin shape and bright orange colour it more than made up for in height, girth and weight.

Fliss, who has been nurturing her super squash for months said "As one of the island's Growing Gurus I am very proud to have achieved such success with my pumpkin this year. I am looking forward to carving it and making soup, pie and more soup!" Fliss declined to share the secret of her success but denied the use of any black magic or chemical assistance in growing her ginormous gourd.

Runner-up in the growing contest, Ali Morris, also a Growing Guru for the island was happy to have spread her green fingered genius across several specimens and brought a selection of carved and complete pumpkins to display.

Shopkeeper and judge of the contest Jinty Crocket said of the prizewinning pumpkin; "it's off the scale, man!" referring to the lack of scales on the island big enough to weigh it.

First prize was a cosy pair of socks, much needed in the light of the first snow of the season falling today here on Rum.

Elsewhere on the island Halloween was celebrated by the children with a party at the school, pumpkin carving and trick or treating around the village. A spooktastic time was had by all!

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