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Rum Deer Diary on Autumnwatch - October 2012


Percy (c) Sean MorrisCaesar (c) Ali MorrisThis year, the BBC Autumnwatch film crew have returned to Kilmory to follow the highs and lows of the red deer rut.  Two cameramen faced the elements to work alongside the deer researchers from Edinburgh and Cambridge Universites in collecting this year's stories.

Autumnwtch first broadcast from Rum in 2006, introducing this special time of year safely into people's homes.  They returned to record a Deer Diary in 2007 and in 2009 alongside the film crew, live webcams were used to follow the action.


Autumnwatch will start it's four night run on October 30th and will be shown on at 2000hrs on BBC2.

More information on the Rum Red Deer Project can be found here.
Have a look at theBBC Autumnwatch website here.


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