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Blasda - September 2012


On Saturday 15th September we celebrated Rum Blasda - our participation in a Scotland-wide celebration of local food. We had a full and delicious day living up to the name Blasda - which is gaelic for tasty. sweet and appetising.
Blasda table (c) Nic Goddard

All day in the community hall we had a table laden with produce from the island - it included foraged mushrooms, home grown salad, potatoes and veggies, freshly laid duck and chicken eggs from Croft 3, a huge selection of jams, jellies, syrups, pickles and preserves all made with Rum ingredients, home brewed drinks and more.





Vikki's garden (c) Nic Goddard

During the afternoon four Rum residents held Open Gardens where we got to have a good look round their growing spaces, ask questions and learn from each other. Vikki showed us round her small but highly productive garden, Jinty talked to us about her micro-holding - a back garden crammed with beekeeping, chicken rearing (including 12 adorable new chicks), a selection of raised beds and home built polytunnels - a real 'permaculture in action' example. Ali shared her extended garden space with us - fruit trees, raised beds, polytunnel, wild areas, fruit bushes, herb garden, cold frame and more. Nic, Ady, Davies & Scarlett showed us round Croft 3 which is still very much a work in progress just a few months in but already has plenty of livestock including ducks, geese, chickens and a lovely breeding pair of kune-kune cross Old Spot pigs. We got to see their plans for the croft next year and walked a little of their croft land seeing where things are destined to be started in the spring.






pot luck supper (c) Nic GoddardWe followed this with a fabulous Pot Luck supper in the community hall - attended by 18 people we dined in style on fantastic Rum fayre. A choice of three soups (all using home grown veggies from the island) acccomanied by home baked bread, followed by a choice of four main dishes - Rum venison stuffed marrow, veggie quiche, vegetable curry and marinated mackrel. All grown, caught, hunted, fished, laid and made on island. We enjoyed home grown salad along with home made mayonnaise and a selection of chutneys, pickles and other tasty morsels to go along with our meal. Dessert was a triple layer sponge cake, 'Brumble' (foraged bramble crumble) and Snhapple tart (apples from the SNH garden) served with home made custard using free range eggs from Croft 3.

Bellies full, plates clean and palates truly treated Blasda was declared indeed  tasty, sweet and appetising! Many remarked on just how self sufficient the island is in our food production with all of the open garden participants sharing bigger and better plans for seasons to come. We are also lucky to have such great bakers, cooks, picklers and preservers here in our community able to turn our fantastic raw ingredients into such a delicious feast.









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