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Midgefest - Saturday 4th August


Midgefest 2012 was a great success - read the full story over the Midgefest blog


We’re well into the midge season here on Rum and when the wind drops and the sun goes in or there’s been a bit of rain, out they come to get us. So we could moan about it and curse them ’till we’re covered in itchy lumps and blue in the face, or we could could look at the upside and celebrate the little blood suckers for the good things they do.

About the mighty midge: There are 37 different types of midge in the UK and 5 in Scotland that bite people, although most of the damage is done by the Highland Midge Culicoides Ipmunctatus (

Reasons to celebrate them (that I can think of and I’m trying quite hard!): They provide a food source (even if only a small one) for some birds, bats and insectivorous plants. They also put some people off of coming to Highland Scotland altogether, which one could see as a positive as beautiful but midgie places might otherwise become overrun with the trappings of mass tourism…and I can’t think of any more positives just at the moment.

So, if not for these reasons, we will just celebrate in adversity and mostly look forward to the chance to welcome people to the Isle of Rum to celebrate with us. The event is a family orientated fun day with crafts and games for the children, BBQ, disco and more so if anyone is interested it’s a ‘the more the merrier’ type affair, the details are on the poster and spread the word!…

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