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Feasibility Study for Village Regeneration - July 2012


leader logo (c) Vikki TrelferEarlier this year the Isle of Rum Community Trust received funding from LEADER to carry out a feasibility study looking at redeveloping an agricultural steading in the village centre, and building a community-owned bunkhouse.  Neil Sutherland Architects have worked with the community & partners over the past six months to come up with designs for a simple bunkhouse and for the steading redevelopment, which would incorporate a new cafe, visitor centre, teaching space, shop, and self-contained holiday accommodation. 

The feasibility study is now complete, and designs will be on display in the Village Hall until the autumn.  Capital funding is being sought for a community owned bunkhouse near the campsite, and the hard work to secure the capital required to take forward the ambitious plans for the steading redevelopment has just begun!

Click here to see the Bunkhouse elevation drawings.


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