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Elsa Jean McTaggart - The 2012 Hat Tour - July 2012


Elsa Jean McTaggart (c) Nic Goddard

Last night (Friday 20th July) we were treated to a performance by the lovely Elsa Jean McTaggart - fiddle player, guitarist, accordion player and singer: is there nothing she can't do?  She is full of stories both thoughful and funny, and her happy folksy tunes had toes tapping across the hall.  The evening culminated in a bit of ceilidh dancing which we just can't get enough of, and we hope she'll return next year.

With a bit of paraphrasing some of her songs could have been about our own wee island:
Where the marram grass grows
And time goes slow,
And the mountain shelters me...
Elsa Jean McTaggart - please buy a bit of Rum and build a shed here.  We promise that no-one will steal your wheelbarrow.  We know, we know, you're the one for us!
If you get the chance to see her perform in a village hall near you this summer, we strongly recommend that you go along.


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