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Rum Woodcock Russian Recovery - July 2012


Another Rum ringed woodcock has been recovered in Russia.  The bird was ringed in Kinloch on the Isle of Rum two days after Christmas in 2011 and was shot in Derevik in the Russian Federation on 20 April 2012.  This was a straight line distance of 2219km.

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This follows the first report of a bird ringed on Rum in March 2010 and shot in the Voznesenskiy District of Russia the following month, a distance of 3046km.

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Both birds were probably on migration through Rum when they were ringed but could have been on their breeding grounds when shot in Russia.  While the woodcock is a species that breeds in Britain and on Rum, the winter population is swelled by many thousands of birds escaping frozen conditions in the east of Europe.  These birds usually start arriving in Britain in November and those that pass through Rum often carry on further south and west to Ireland, as another bird caught on Rum demonstrates.  This individual was ringed in Kinloch on 17 December 2011 and was shot just 23 days later in Ballymote, Ireland.

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Woodcock ringed, weighed and measured on Rum (c) Sean MorrisRinging studies of winter woodcock on Rum have also shown that a small number of birds spend the whole winter from November to March on the island and also return in subsequent winters.

More information on woodcock can be found at the Woodcock Network

Sean Morris, Isle of Rum





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