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Crofters finally arrive on croft - June 2012



Getting to the track (c) Nic GoddardAfter two months of actually living on the island,the new crofters Nic, Ady, Davies and Scarlett have finally made it onto the croft The final hurdle - crossing Kinloch River (c) Nic Goddardlsnd with their mobile home.

Thanks to a crew of helpers from Eigg headed up by Alisdair Kirk and a team of fellow Rum islanders the static made the final mile from the nature trail to croft 3.

It was an epic journey with many dark moments as we lost wheels, scrambled down banks and paused for 6 nights in a particularly midgey spot on the nature trail, but with much blood, sweat, tears, beers and swearing, we finally got there and are thrilled to be 'home'.  

The full story can be found here



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