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Climate Challenge Fund wins - May 2012


In April IRCT was awarded a grant of £19,475 from the Climate Challenge Fund for the Greening Rum project. This will enable us to continue heading towards a more eco-friendly existence here on Rum. The money will help with the following projects:

We will be able to invest in a Community Polytunnel, giving everyone the opportunity to have a small plot to grow their own fruit and veg in, thus helping to reduce some of our food miles.

OWL monitors will be issued to all households. These will show us the amount of electricity we are using at any one time and will help us to be more aware of our consumption rates and hopefully make us more efficient.

Our Wildlife Garden is going to have a rotor composting bin. As the garden is a central area to a number of households and close to the shop, we hope a communal composting area will help us reduce our food waste to the benefit of the wildlife garden.

Finally, and most excitingly, the grant will allow us to not only double glaze our Village Hall, but top up the insulation to make it much cosier and more fun to use in the winter.

We look forward to seeing these changes take place and will report on their progress.

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