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Rum's First Crofters of the Modern Era Take up new Crofting Tenancy - May 2011


Lesley Watt along with her partner Neil Boyd are set to become the first crofters on the Isle of Rum in the modern era.  The whole of the island Lesley Watt and Neil Boyd (c) Georgina McMillanwas previously owned and managed as a National Nature Reserve by Scottish Natural Heritage.  However, assets and land in Kinloch Village were transferred in two phases (2009 and 2010)  into the ownership of the Isle of Rum Community Trust (IRCT) and three bare land crofts were created.  The IRCT  objectives for the crofts are to provide security of tenure on the island, to encourage both local and new people to take up crofting activities and to encourage a sustainable economic base for the Isle of Rum community.

Lesley and Neil were successful in their application to let the 6.31 hectare Croft No. 1 in May 2011 and are planning a number of small enterprises including sheep and chicken rearing and keeping horses.  They also plan to build their house on the croft as soon as possible as they are currently living in shared rented accommodation.

Ms Watt said, ‘We are very excited about the new opportunities now open to us on Rum through the crofting tenancy. This enables ourselves and the local community to be more self sufficient and gives us security for our future on the island.”

A spokesperson for the IRCT said, ‘This is great news for the islands community and sees the Community Trust fulfilling a number of its objectives including promoting sustainable development and encouraging a sound economic base for the Isle of Rum Community.’


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