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New signs, Waiting Room and Loo - May 2012


Visitors gratefully waiting in the new Pier waiting room (c) Ali MorrisThis month sees the opening of the long awaited waiting room at the Ferry Terminal - no pun intended! The work, carried out by SNH, means that we can say goodbye to cowering behind the rubbish and recycling skips while waiting for the ferry in poor weather.

Also, Isle of Rum Community Trust have been busy at the Ferry Terminal, installing a composting toilet.  This project, funded by IRCT, Vikki showing off the new loo (c) Ali MorrisLEADER and HIE, consigns mad dashes into the bushes to use the 'loo with a view' are now a thing of the past.   This new toilet is to be found on the south (far-away) side of the boat sheds.

Finally,  new signs have been popping up throughout Kinloch Village and the NNR providing useful information for Visitors.  There are also markers for different trails around the Village.


New Signs at Ferry Terminal (c) Ali MorrisTrail markers (c) Ali Morris











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