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Second Croft Allocated - February 2012


Interviews were held on the 16th of February for the allocation of the second croft by the Isle of Rum Community Trust.  The Goddard family, from Sussex, have been the successful applicants and are looking forward to the challenges ahead of them.  The croft, which is little more than rough pasture at the moment, is situated to the west of Kinloch Village, and has great views out onto the National Nature Reserve.

Sean Morris, one of IRCT’s Directors involved in interviewing the crofters, is pleased that the island’s population will receive a welcome boost: “Nic and Ady are incredibly enthusiastic about moving to Rum, and have not been put off by the logistical challenges posed by life on a remote island, or by the hard work that will be involved in making the croft work. They convinced us that they have some really good, innovative ideas, but that their feet are firmly on the ground and they are aware of the tough realities of island life. They seem to have a good network of contacts, and hopefully this will be beneficial to the whole community.” The Goddards have been writing a blog about their recent year-long search for a different way of living, which culminated in a visit to Rum and the start of a whole new adventure.

To follow their blog click here

The Rum community look forward to welcoming them to the Island and wish them every success with their new adventure.

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