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Sean's fund-raising total - January 2012


Sean Morris on top of Trollaval (c) Sean MorrisOn 31st August 2011, Sean Morris took on the Rum Cuillin Ridge walk with Neil Boyd, in aid of the British Heart Foundation (BHF).The walk was a great success and the pair crossed the finishing line outside the Castle where a small group of well-wishers had gathered to congratulate them, in 8.5 hours.  Not bad going boys! 

In April 2010, Sean was diagnosed with coronary heart disease and underwent a double-heart bypass operation.  He was 42.  Since then, Sean has remained utterly focussed and has become fitter than ever, which makes it even harder for those of us who go out on the hill with him!

Sean and Neil reaching the finish line (c) Ali MorrisSean had donation tins in the Castle, Village Hall and Shop in a bid to maximise his collection, but most money was raised by friends and family donating through his virgin money giving web page.  This page eventually closed in November and the grand total was declared.  Sean initially hoped to raise £2,000, but ended up raising a staggering £3,337.90 after gift aid was added to the online donations.  This money will be used by the BHF to continue funding research into coronary heart disease and helping patients and families of those affected by this silent killer.

Sean would like to thank everyone who sponsored him for their generosity and support in completing this challenge.  Together we can beat heart disease.


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