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Further Housing Application Information 28th July 2020


The photos below show the new IRCT houses that are currently under construction on Rum. They are getting towards being finished, with approximately two more months of work to go. Some of this work will be external, including getting some sort of a garden established. As you can see the garden size for each house is quite small, around 0.05ha. There are two detatched houses and one semi-detatched (total 4 houses) and they are quite close to one another. All houses have great south facing views, up into the Rum Cuillin. 

Once a tenancy is secured, if any new tenant would like to rent an additional small plot of land from IRCT, ie for a polytunnel or chickens etc, then this can be discussed. 

Here are two maps showing the house locations. Map 1 and Map 2

Applications close at 5pm on Friday 28th August 2020. Please send completed applications to

Application Form HERE

Prospective Residents Welcome Pack HERE

Here are some internal pictures first:


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