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Storm Damage on Rum - December 2011


Trees hanging at the crossroads (c) Georgina McMillan

Scottish School of Forestry Students helping with the cleanup (c) Georgina McMillan

The 8th of December brought high winds to Rum and most of Scotland. Luckily no-one on Rum was injured but we had lots of trees come down in the village.  We were very lucky to have the Scottish School of Forestry Inverness visiting at the time who were amazing at clearing trees and brash in the village.

We also had help from Billy Cowan who had his big green machine to move some logs from across the upper road. Robbie and Ian, who were working on the Old Pier, helped out by clearing the lower road of a windblown tree and put a replacement roof on one of the shop sheds. A very big thank you goes to Richard the reserve manager for helping out and co-ordinating the clean-up. Unfortunately there was some property damage too - roof tiles at Harris Lodge came off and Sean and Ali lost their greenhouse, garden shed and chicken coop!

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Billy's green machine moving the big stuff (c) Georgina McMillan
Trees down near Foxglove Cottage (c) Georgina McMillan
Clearing trees from the upper road (c) Georgina McMillan
Richard and Neil co-ordinating the cleanup (c) Georgina McMillan

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