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A new lichen discovered on Rum!


A colleague on Rum recently discovered a new lichen for the island – Pseudocyphellaria norvegica or the Norwegian Speckle Belly to use the quirky common name! It’s a nationally scarce species.

Finding the Norwegian Speckle Belly is always exciting because it usually means you’re in a special place for a whole range of globally restricted bryophytes and lichens that thrive in our Celtic Rainforests. It is very sensitive to air pollution; one reason why it thrives in the pure air of western Scotland. The British Lichen Society consider it a key indicator that woodland has been continually present at a site for a very long time (although it will colonise more recent woodland where conditions are optimal and there is a good source of new material). Threats include being shaded out by invasive rhododendron and loss of habitat, particularly in areas where many years of high grazing pressure has prevented woodland regeneration.

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