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Fire and Ice - October 2014


Hallival and Askival (c) Vikki Trelfer

Rum’s iconic peaks Hallival and Askival have been nominated in the “Fire and Ice” category of 100 Great Geosites!  The Geological Society has launched the list of 100 sites across the UK and Ireland as part of Earth Science Week (13th - 19th Oct).

More than 400 sites were nominated and split into 10 categories.  From glaciations to volcanic eruptions, the sites included in the “Fire and Ice” category represent some of the most dramatic events in our geological past.

Swedish researchers have revealed that Rum may once have been a supervolcano two or three kilometres high.  Sixty million years of erosion by glaciers, wind and rain have reduced the mountain to what remains of Rum’s cuillin ridge today.

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