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Rum's Third Blasda - September 2014


Now in its third year, our annual celebration of all things edible and local is becoming a Rum tradition.  It sometimes feels like trying to feed the five thousand with one loaf and three fishes – you never quite know how many people are going to turn up, or who’s going to bring how much of what – but there’s always enough, and it’s always a great evening.  It was lovely to see so many people out, sharing a meal and reaffirming the bonds that hold us together as a community.  For starters there were three kinds of soup and freshly foraged winkles; mains were a choice of fish pie, wild mushroom risotto, sea trout, veg & mushroom casserole, and a vegetable curry (or a little bit of everything).  To finish off, we enjoyed Ady’s bramble crumble with Debs’ mint choc chip ice cream.  Many thanks to all the bringers and sharers!

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