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Introducing Rum's new Community Ranger - June 2014


new ranger imageI am delighted to take up the position of Community Ranger here on Rum. I’m an environmental biologist with many years’ experience in nature reserve management and field biology: I have worked with Sandwich terns on Anglesey; saltmarsh birds, plants and Natterjack toads in Dorset; mice on St Kilda and rare plants in southern Portugal. Most recently, I have been running guided wildlife walks in Bristol, while studying for an MSc in Applied Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

I come from Bristol but I have lived in various places around the UK and abroad. Before gaining my degree, I worked in bookselling and as a freelance photographer and artist. My decision to retrain for a career in nature conservation was made after witnessing firsthand the destruction of the rainforests in Tasmania in 2001.

I’ve had a special affinity for the wildlife and communities of the Scottish Western Isles since my first visit to Islay in 2006. I have visited the Outer Hebrides twice and returned to Islay and Jura nearly ten times now. In 2012, I spent four weeks on St Kilda working as a field research assistant for the St Kilda Mouse Project.

My hobbies and interests include:

Writing: “Trudi's Tales from the Field” -

Photography & art:

Sculpture; linocut printing; travel; canoeing; Portuguese language studies; climate change and future ecology; evolutionary biology; Australian ecology; archaeology; anthropology; history of the natural sciences.

I’m looking forward to seeing my first sea eagles, and I want to start canoeing again, but am currently hampered by lack of paddle...and lack of canoe!

Watch out for upcoming events and news via Facebook and Twitter, and my Ranger page HERE.

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