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Homecoming Scotland - January 2014


In 1795 Rum was home to over 400 people, but the clearances of 1826 and 1828 saw the eviction of 350 people in total, to be replaced by sheep. Most

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of the emigrants sailed to Cape Breton in Nova Scotia; all 208 passengers listed on the St Lawrence from Tobermory to Port Hawkesbury (NS) on 12th July 1928 (though it may have been 1926) were from the Isle of Rum, and ranged in age from young babies to 89 year old Allan MacLean. The full list is available online. []

Today the population is stable at around 40 permanent residents, but what happened to our predecessors? When the MacLeans, MacKays, MacKinnons and MacPhadens dispersed across Cape Breton, where did they go? Where are their families now, and do they still pass on stories of the Rum life?

Malcom McKinnon from Rum was the first settler near Kinloch on the Northwestern side of Inverness County, Cape Breton and had a family of three sons and four daughters; the farm is still occupied by his descendants.**

Two brothers from Rum, Donald and Allan McLean, were the first settlers of Beech Hill, Inverness County in 1826. Donald married Ann McDonald who had emigrated from neighbouring Muck; they had 8 children and Ann lived to be 106!**

2014 is the Year of Homecoming - a year-long programme of events and activities showcasing all that's great about Scotland. Elsewhere there are preparations for the Commonwealth Games, Ryder Cup, and a range of events to celebrate our national food and drink, the outdoors, and our arts, culture and ancestral heritage. Here on Rum we’re putting together a programme of events for 2014 to entertain, inspire, and get your toes tapping – keep an eye on the Events page for more information.

We always welcome stories and memories from former Rumachs and their descendants

Wherever you’ve been and whenever you visit, you’ll be very welcome so join us and be part of Homecoming Rum 2014!

[**Info from: History of Inverness County, Nova Scotia

By J. L. MacDougall (1922) -]

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