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New Book - 'Eccentric Wealth - The Bulloughs of Rum' - August 2011


New Book by Alastair Scott - This is the first book dedicated to exploring the myriad myths and rumours about the Bulloughs of Rum, ranging from their humble beginnings in Lancashire cotton mills to their world-leading inventions which afforded the fantasy world they created on Rum.  Stripping away the hearsay from fact has does nothing to diminish the extraordinary lives they led - indeed, there is a host of spicy new revelations to replace the ones that lack corroboration.  This is not a dry biography but an enthralling read about how the other half lived when they, the nouveau riche, broke free from the social and moral bondage of Victorian Britain. Essential reading for everyone with an interest in Rum and its icon, Kinloch Castle!

Available to buy at Kinloch Castle and at the Rum Community Shop, paperback, RRP £9.99.  Published by Birlinn, 2011.


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